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Australian Diversified Engineering

Australian Diversified Engineering

Head Office, Geebung: +617 3865 2660
Mining Workshop, Sherwood: +617 3278 5770

P.O. Box 652
Virginia QLD 4014

Q'print Australia

Q'print Australia

Technology has solved many of the problems associated with time critical planning for your business. The complete production process from design and image scanning to plate making is all part of our digital workflow.

Our printing plates are produced in less than a minute and installed on the press by automated loaders. The result is time saving and accuracy, ensuring all printing heads are tensioned for perfect registration and a fast quality press run.

And it doesn't end there! Your work is then trimmed through our computer controlled guillotine and if bookwork or folding is required our automated stitcher or perfect bound book making process takes care of the finishing. The savings at flow through to you our customer, guaranteeing quality products are delivered in an extremely efficient time frame and at a very competitive price.

At Q*PRINT we are dedicated to delivering consistently high quality products to meet the deadlines your business requires.

Tel: 07 3262 3100
Fax: 07 3262 5100
Mob: 0418 260 014

3/12 Bimbil Street
QLD 4010

Radio 4BC & 4BH Brisbane

Radio 4BC & 4BH Brisbane

Check Out the website above for all the information

Tony O'Connor

Tony O'Connor

Composer, producer and performer, Tony O'Connor is an Australian artist whose instrumental music is enjoyed by listeners all around the world.

Included here is Tony's Relaxation Music - a completely natural way to assist relaxation, stress management, help to lower anxiety and sooth the soul. Used by therapists in many diverse fields, Tony's relaxation albums form some of the most popular and sort after recordings of this style. Tony believes that music is supposed to make you feel good, that melodies and harmonics can affect us in very positive ways.

But there is more to this unique artist - peruse website pages and discover why Tony O'Connor is one of Australia's biggest selling instrumental musicians.

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