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Sauce On The Side Cabaret - September 2014 Photos


Sauce On The Side is a cabaret presented by the Brisbane City Sounds Chorus (BCS), one of our outstanding Sweet Adelines choruses in Brisbane. The cabaret includes performances from BCS, individuals and smaller groups within BCS, the River City Clippers, and the men's quartet, Connect 4. YouTube clips of select performances, including the Clippers' performances, are listed below.

The Clippers at the Sauce on the Side cabaret
The Clippers at the Sauce on the Side cabaret <a href="https://www.rivercityclippers.org.au/file.php?f=photos/DSC00161.jpg&force=1">Download</a>
Enjoying their cabaret performance
Enjoying their cabaret performance <a href="https://www.rivercityclippers.org.au/file.php?f=photos/DSC00162.jpg&force=1">Download</a>
Sauce on the Side company in Finale
Sauce on the Side company in Finale <a href="https://www.rivercityclippers.org.au/file.php?f=photos/Sauce_company_in_Finale_Sep_14.png&force=1">Download</a>
Brisbane City Sounds Chorus
Brisbane City Sounds Chorus <a href="https://www.rivercityclippers.org.au/file.php?f=photos/DSC00158.jpg&force=1">Download</a>