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Video feature - the Clippers and Friends Concert 2017
 Wed, 1 Nov 2017
The first of the performance videos from our concert on 22 October have now been published on our website at this link:


At present, both of the Clippers' performance sets are presented on this page. More to follow, including excerpts more suitable for Facebook ....

Note that these videos are recorded, and published in YouTube, in high definition (HD). When you view the Youtube clip, the video image may display quite fuzzy. In this case, try increasing the YouTube display resolution by clicking on the Settings icon (the gear wheel) in the YouTube window, and choose a higher Quality (resolution) setting. If the video stops and starts repeatedly, it is buffering because the speed of your internet link is not fast enough to deliver the data in time, so reduce your Quality setting.

Sorry about the poor stage lighting, but we can't improve that in the video without washing out other parts of the image.

You will also find this page linked from the Recent Performances link under the About menu, and in the Links page under the Other menu on our website.

Clippers at the Chorus Corral - BHA National Convention 2016 in Newcastle
 Tue, 4 Oct 2016
One of the lead-up events to the Hunter Harmony National Barbershop Convention in Newcastle this year was the Chorus Corral. The event provided the opportunity for choruses to present two of their repertoire songs in a relaxed, non-competitive setting.  The event was held at the Newcastle City Hall.

The Clippers sing Bad Day.

followed by You'll Never Walk Alone.

When you receive this post as an email, you may not see the embedded YouTube player frames. However, the email will include the relevant link to the post in our website. When you jump to the website, the news bulletin post, including the embedded YouTube player frames, will be viewable to all, as it is a public posting. Similarly, if you forward this post as an email, the recipient will be able to view all of the content.
Clippers at the BHA National Barbershop Convention in Melbourne 2015
 Fri, 16 Sep 2016

With the 2016 National Convention in front of us, you may be interested to see the "official" high quality video of our competition presentation at last year's convention in Melbourne a year ago.  I received this video some time ago, but finally it has been published on our website.

Clippers at the National Convention, Melbourne, September 2015.

Our public performance videos can be found at the Recent Performances link (accessible by the public), under the About menu item in our page header, and the above page is listed in the Recent Performances.

Also, if you want to find a past rehearsal video without searching through your old emails, they can be found through the Bulletin Board function on the website. On the Bulletin Board page, you can filter the messages down to the rehearsals by grouping by Type of Post and scrolling down to the Rehearsal Videos group.


Video - Clippers' performance set at the 2016 Sunshine Regional Convention
 Sun, 24 Apr 2016
The video of the Clippers' performance set at the 22nd Sunshine Regional Convention 2016 is available here:


This is a public video, and can also be reached on the Clippers' website from the Recent Performances page, under the About menu item, and from the footer of our home page.

Clippers at the Chorus Corral - BHA National Convention
 Tue, 29 Sep 2015

One of the lead-up events to the National Barbershop Convention in Melbourne this year - Harmony Goldrush - was the Chorus Corral. The event provided the opportunity for choruses to present two of their repertoire songs in a relaxed, non-competitive setting.  The event was held at the Deakin Edge Theatre at Federation Square.

The Clippers sing here King of the Road and Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

2015 BHA National Convention - Webcast Links for Chorus Performances
 Tue, 29 Sep 2015
The 2015 BHA National Convention Chorus Competition was held in Melbourne on the 19th September. The event was webcast live at the time, as was the preceding Quartet Competition. The webcast videos are still available to view as a streaming service, possibly only for a limited time.

We have included the link here to the webcast page, which contains video player frames to all contest sessions, including the two sessions of the Chorus Contest. These are long streaming sessions, each running for around two hours - so you might appreciate some guidance to find the Clippers' performance!

Chorus Contest Session 1
Scroll down the page to this session to see the Clippers' contest performance.

The Clippers were scheduled fifth in this session, so you will find the Clippers' introduction at about the 42nd minute into the streaming session. Just slide the play point in the video display along to the 42 minute point.

Chorus Contest Session 2
The highlight, perhaps, of this session is the gold medal winning performance of the Sound Connection Chorus.

Their performance is third in the session video, so you will find the introduction to Sound Connection at the 25th minute into the streaming session.

River City Clippers - 2015 competition package at the Family and Friends Concert
 Mon, 31 Aug 2015
On Sunday afternoon we entertained family and friends at our Clippers' Family and Friends Concert. We give our warm thanks to the guys from the Sound Connection chorus and their quartets Connect4, Kudos, Front Page News, and Benchmark, all of whom contributed greatly to our friendly concert.

We will progressively release selected videos recorded at the event.

Here the Clippers present their 2015 competition package at the concert. The package songs are That's An Irish Lullaby, and Bare Necessities.

In two weeks we go to Melbourne to compete at the BHA National Convention.

YouTube Video URL:
Meet the Clippers members
 Tue, 4 Aug 2015
Meet the Clippers members
John Connolly and Merv Harcourt are now also featured in our Meet the Members interview series. These interviews are part of the public space in our website. There is a link to this series under the Other / Links menu item on our website.

Individuals in this series will also be featured progressively on our Facebook page

If you would like to let others know about these interviews, the URL is:


Introduction to Barbershop Harmony Singing event
 Tue, 28 Jul 2015
Introduction to Barbershop Harmony Singing event
The Brisbane River City Clippers with guests at the Introduction to Barbershop Harmony Singing event tonight. Our guests joined us in learning and singing a couple of short tags in four part harmony and the result was a very satisfying sound adding to the enjoyment of the evening.

Clippers videos going public
 Thu, 16 Jul 2015
As we strengthen our public presence in the social media world, I have started to publically release some of our recent videos through our website.

You will be also aware that we have started to produce a series of short videos called Meet the Clippers Members, that will present short interviews of members taking opportunities to talk about favourite or memorable Clippers experiences. This video series will be made public on the website, as a way of putting out the message about the value of Clippers participation.

You will find these snippets on the Meet the Members page


which you will find listed at the head of the (public) Links Page - ie by selecting menu item Other / Links.

So, if you would like show us off, impress your friends with our public web presence. Of course, we are also intending to use this material in regular Facebook posts. Some of our FB friends are starting to expect pictures with sound!