Close Encounters of the Musical Kind

1:30pm, Sun, 27 Oct 2019

Event Details
Type of event: Performance
Venue: McElligott Theatre (St. Laurence's College),
82 Stephens Road, South Brisbane
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Ticket pricing/options: Early Birds: $15
General (online): $20
Door: $25
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  Close Encounters of the Musical Kind
Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
1:30pmWarm-ups15Coaching from Jen throughout the rehearsal
1:45pmRehearse song20 
2:05pmPerform song15 
2:20pmPerform song10 
2:35pmPerform song15 
2:50pmPerform song15 
3:05pmRehearse song15 
3:20pmPerform song10 
3:35pmPerform song10 
3:45pmPerform song10 
3:55pmPerform song15 
4:10pmClosing song2Conducted by birthday boy or special person
4:12pmAnnouncements10Paul Dickie 
4:22pmSocialising30Enjoy a cup of tea and sing some polecats/tags
Program Duration: 202 minutes; Finish time: 4:52pm

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