Video feature - the Clippers and Friends Concert 2017

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Posted By: Neil Robertson
Status: Current
Date Posted: Wed, 1 Nov 2017
The first of the performance videos from our concert on 22 October have now been published on our website at this link:

At present, both of the Clippers' performance sets are presented on this page. More to follow, including excerpts more suitable for Facebook ....

Note that these videos are recorded, and published in YouTube, in high definition (HD). When you view the Youtube clip, the video image may display quite fuzzy. In this case, try increasing the YouTube display resolution by clicking on the Settings icon (the gear wheel) in the YouTube window, and choose a higher Quality (resolution) setting. If the video stops and starts repeatedly, it is buffering because the speed of your internet link is not fast enough to deliver the data in time, so reduce your Quality setting.

Sorry about the poor stage lighting, but we can't improve that in the video without washing out other parts of the image.

You will also find this page linked from the Recent Performances link under the About menu, and in the Links page under the Other menu on our website.