2015 BHA National Convention - Webcast Links for Chorus Performances

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Posted By: Neil Robertson
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Date Posted: Tue, 29 Sep 2015
The 2015 BHA National Convention Chorus Competition was held in Melbourne on the 19th September. The event was webcast live at the time, as was the preceding Quartet Competition. The webcast videos are still available to view as a streaming service, possibly only for a limited time.

We have included the link here to the webcast page, which contains video player frames to all contest sessions, including the two sessions of the Chorus Contest. These are long streaming sessions, each running for around two hours - so you might appreciate some guidance to find the Clippers' performance!

Chorus Contest Session 1
Scroll down the page to this session to see the Clippers' contest performance.

The Clippers were scheduled fifth in this session, so you will find the Clippers' introduction at about the 42nd minute into the streaming session. Just slide the play point in the video display along to the 42 minute point.

Chorus Contest Session 2
The highlight, perhaps, of this session is the gold medal winning performance of the Sound Connection Chorus.

Their performance is third in the session video, so you will find the introduction to Sound Connection at the 25th minute into the streaming session.